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Published:March 3rd, 2011 11:10 EST

Wall-e The Puppy Survives Euthanasia

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Oklahoma animal clinic said it was looking for a home for a puppy found alive in a dumpster after undergoing euthanasia.

Officials said the puppies were left on the shelter`s doorstep and euthanized because they appeared to be very sick. They were all checked out and declared dead by a veterinarian before being put in the dumpster."



It`s tragic that a dog shelter would dump the bodies of puppies in a dumpster as if they were nothing but trash. Apparently the employees of this dog shelter have no love for animals -- how sad!

Animal Control Officer Scot Prall said that the puppy is in good health. The animal clinic has received calls from all over the world from animal lovers wanting to adopt the brave little puppy.

This article painfully illustrates the need for dog and cat owners to spay and neuter their beloved pets. This puppy was abandoned along with its litter mates by an owner who failed to fix his dog.

I hope that the puppy, named Wall-e after the title character in the movie, finds a loving home.

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