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Published:March 4th, 2011 11:02 EST

Environmentalist Stressed Out Over Balloons Flying Over San Francisco

By Robert Paul Reyes

"San Francisco environmental groups are criticizing a video game company for releasing 10,000 balloons into the air as part of a promotion for a new product.

Rod Fujita, a senior oceans scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund, said he was shocked to see a large number of balloons Wednesday in the San Francisco Bay, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.


`When I looked out the window and saw thousands of balloons dropping straight into the bay, I was flabbergasted,` Fujita said. `I never expected to see something like this in San Francisco where there`s such concern about the bay and pollution.`


A normal person, not even an environmental activist, should get his panties in a twist over hundreds of balloons floating in the air.

If Fujita turns on his TV he will see that hundreds of demonstrators in the Middle East and North Africa are being killed. If he climbs down from his ivory tower, and walks the streets of San Francisco he will see hundreds of homeless.

Dude get a grip! Hundreds of balloons floating over San Francisco doesn`t portend the end of the world. Smoke a doobie, and enjoy the view!

The balloons are 100 percent biodegradable, and the video game company has hired a clean-up crew to gather debris.

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