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Published:March 4th, 2011 10:33 EST

Tearjerker: Little Girl Gives Coins To Cash-Strapped School

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The principal of a Texas school said she was brought to tears when a second-grader brought a sack of coins to help the cash-strapped school district.

Maria Meneses, 8, a student at Diamond Hill Elementary School in Fort Worth, said she brought her sack of coins to school because reports about the district`s financial problems made her worried she would soon be losing teachers, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Thursday.


"I thought I would bring some of my money from my college fund to my school so more teachers wouldn`t get fired because I don`t want anyone to go away," the girl said. "I had to do something to try and help them because they help me. Every single teacher I`ve had has helped me."


Ordinary citizens sometimes contemplate intractable problems, and they simply shrug and say, "What can one person do?"

We need to have the faith of a child, and do whatever we can to make this a better world.

A cynic would scoff and declare, "A little girl`s coins won`t amount to a hill of beans." But this story has touched millions, and I bet thousands were motivated to give money to their school district because of the example of one little girl.

Maria was not encouraged by her parents to bring her coins to school, she acted of her own volition.

Too often we hear only about the bad kids, but they are the exception. Little Maria gives me hope for the young generation.

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