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Published:March 9th, 2011 12:29 EST
saint palin

Sarah Palin Will Give Her Testimony Of Faith At Liberty University

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sarah Palin will provide her `personal testimony of faith` at women`s event to be broadcast to more than 1,000 churches this fall.

The former Alaska governor will speak at Liberty University`s Extraordinary Women Conference, slated for Oct. 7-8 in Lynchburg, Va."

saint palin

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In evangelical speak "personal testimony of faith" means "I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior."

A personal testimony of faith covers a multitude of sins. Evangelicals warmly embrace Newt Gingrich and overlook his multiple ethical and personal transgressions, because he professes a faith in Jesus Christ.

Likewise, born-again Christians turn a blind eye to Sarah Palin`s immersion in the world of celebrity and her unseemly chase for the almighty dollar, because she`s an avowed Christian.

Palin keeps the fundamentalist rubes happy by making a few appearances in places like Liberty University, and sprinkling her speeches with a few Biblical phrases.

The former beauty queen`s Christianity doesn`t demand very much of her: Profess faith in Christ every once in a while, and she`s free to dedicate her life to making money and chasing celebrity.

The real Christianity of the Gospel demands that true believers feed the poor, visit prisoners, befriend social outcasts, and love everybody.

A freethinker like me who hates organized religions, is more of a Christian than the Sarah Palins of the world. 

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