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Published:March 12th, 2011 13:25 EST

Kim Kardashian's Single: Worst Song Of All Time?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Kim Kardashian is famous for having a big butt, a big mouth, a sex-tape, and a reality show.

Kardashian had tons of celebrity, but not even an ounce of talent. That hasn`t stopped the big butt wonder from releasing a single. Kardashian released the single herself, no record executive wants anything to do with her.


Even though record producers can make anyone sound good, Kim`s single is still nausea-inducing. I refuse to provide a link to her song, I don`t want to be sued by any of my readers for inflicting emotional trauma.

In its first week on sale, the pop ditty sold 14,000 downloads. That qualifies as a dismal failure, but I`m still shocked that 14,000 idiots downloaded the song.

What`s the song called? Who cares, it`s garbage.

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