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Published:March 17th, 2011 11:59 EST

Speeder To Cop: Dr. Phil Warned Me To Flee From Alien Invasion

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Using a high pitched voice, television host Dr. Phil warned 21 year old Rowan County resident Richard Blanscet that an alien invasion had begun near his home off Scout Road and Sailboat Drive.

nutsAnxious to save the life of his girlfriend, Blanscet left his home in a 1997 Jaguar XK8 and went to "rescue" her.

That`s the story Blanscet told investigators after he crashed the Jaguar several times while fleeing from deputies at speeds greater than 100 miles an hour.

Blanscet told deputies that he had been smoking a `legal form of marijuana` called "Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Smoke Blend" when he had the dire warning from Dr. Phil."

At 6 foot-4 and 235 pounds Dr. Phil is an imposing figure. If his height and weight don`t intimidate you, his shiny bald pate and his hypnotic eyes will scare the BeJesus out of you.

Dr. Phil bullies his guests on his syndicated talk show; anyone scheduled to appear on his program is well-advised to bring a change of underwear.

It`s not surprising that a mentally unhinged person smoking "Mr Nice Guy Herbal Smoke Blend" would have a hallucination in which Dr. Phil warned him about an alien invasion.

Blanscet needs to stop smoking the fake marijuana, and he needs to stop watching the Dr. Phil show.

The cops should have let the dude go with just a warning, he`s suffered enough. If I had a hallucination involving Dr. Phil, I would be a basket case for the rest of my life.

This story has unnerved me, I need some real weed.

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