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Published:March 18th, 2011 10:49 EST
Armageddon: Japan's Nuclear Tango Turns Into Death March!

Armageddon: Japan's Nuclear Tango Turns Into Death March!

By Will Roberts

Will Says...

Howdy Folks, things are not looking up in Japan. Everybody that knows anything is currently working on the save Japan from the worse nuclear disaster since WWII. Only thing is, you can`t underestimate, Science & Mother Nature.  In the beginning, if you believe in religion or not, we had an Adam - Atom - it just kinda funny it might boil down to an Atom in the end.

We might just be on the EVE of the ATOM.

CNN:  "Nancy Pelosi calls the earthquake, tsunami & nuclear crisis in Japan beyond biblical in terms of its proportion."

I guess now since people are blaming the bible, that lets our government off the hook.

What would Jesus do? Turn the other cheek or throw the blame right back in our laps?

Your friend,
Will Roberts

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