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Published:March 18th, 2011 11:47 EST
What's Happening in Bahrain With the Saudi Arabian Military?

What's Happening in Bahrain With the Saudi Arabian Military?

By Ron G Anselm

The sea of recent protests which started in Egypt and Tunisia that ousted the shady leaders of both of those countries and spread to Iran where like thugs the Iranian government used harsh force against its own people to stop their protesting and now has spread over to Libya.  Now the social and political unrest reached Libya where Gaddafi finally figured out how to level the playing field and hold off and defeat some of the anti-government rebels.  This has sparked more media attention to other countries like Bahrain where the Saudi Arabian military stepped in like a big brother protecting his little brother.  They deployed one-thousand troops along with another five-hundred support security personnel and a barrage of armor vehicles into the country to play bouncer against the recent protestors. 

The next day after the arriving security force from Saudi Arabia made its way into the capital, the government of Bahrain declared a short state of emergency and authorized the Saudi security force to take whatever steps necessary to restore that countries national security and the Saudi security force did just that.


On the 16th of March, the Saudi security force decided to play war games and flex their muscles a little as well as stage a violent crackdown against the protestors in the capital city using tanks, APC`s (Armored Personnel Carriers) and helicopters which resulted in two people being killed. Two-weeks earlier the Saudi military had sent thirty tanks to Bahrain as reported by the AL-Masry AL-Youm newspaper.   


So, why all the support from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain? Simple in my opinion. First, the United States as we all know has a big interest in the Middle East and that is to stabilize the region and promote democracy and I am completely and utterly all for that and back our government in the process of spreading freedom throughout the world.


It used to be for many years when Saddam Hussein was in power in Iraq, just about all Middle Eastern countries where afraid of Iraq and looked at them like the school yard bully. We have always heard about the feud with Iran and Iraq and the struggle for Middle Eastern power between those two countries as seen in the war between those two countries at the start of the nineteen eighties.


Now, with Saddam long gone and Iraq reduced to rubble with the United States crushing them in the first Gulf War; the country that has now been handed the task of playing the school yard bully in the region is Iran. Iran is like two opposing football teams going into the Super Bowl. There is a lot of trash talking between the players and that is all it is, trash talk.


Iran likes to talk a big game about warning the United States and other countries that they are going to rebel against us with military power if we end up doing something they may not like. Man, I`m quaking in my boots! Give me a break.


With that, the other thing is, you also never want to underestimate your opponent. We have heard about Iran again talking trash about having nuclear capability and with Iraq gone Iran has become the center of focus in that region like a problem child.


If we wanted to, we could take my old Army unit, the First Engineer Battalion (Always First) the First Infantry Division (The Big Red One) and storm into Iran like we did in Desert Storm One and get rid of Iran like a bad habit in a short amount of time. That`s all it would take is one division to take care of the problem child but of course for now we won`t do that. 


So, In order to assure stabilization we have to keep our presence in that area in other ways. We have a big military base in Bahrain which is home to the Navy`s powerful fifth fleet which polices the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. The fifth fleet is the watch dog to contain Iran`s political and military aspirations in the region. So, President Obama has to watch how he handles the situation and what comments he makes about what has happened in Bahrain because he doesn`t want to make the leaders of Bahrain angry with the United States and get our fifth fleet kicked out of Bahrain. That would be very bad for military stabilization in that area. He also has to watch how he handles the situation from the other side of the coin and not to make Saudi Arabia mad at us because they are our ally and as we know is the world`s largest oil producer. So, Obama has a daunting task to watch his comments but also show the concern for the protestors in Bahrain to have both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain show constraint.  


And second, with the intervening of the Saudi Arabian military into Bahrain has set concern with the United States because of the key word stabilization in the region. The Saudi`s did not consult us first before sending in the security force into Bahrain to get our so called thoughts on it, so it is almost like the phrase, shoot first and ask questions later.


With the United States being the bouncer or police in the world and making sure democracy prevails wherever, the move by Saudi Arabia without consulting us first before they made the move could have set of devastating effects but luckily did not. So, far the police action by the Saudi security force other than the couple of clashes between protestors and the Saudi security force has not turned out to have the same effects of violence has did the protestors in Iran and Libya.


The one thing I don`t want to see is our military getting involved in any type of police action. Our military is stretched thinner than a rubber band ready to snap with the past wars in Iraq and the recent one in Afghanistan. And units being deployed four and five times over and over again takes its toll on military personnel. Take it from me, it`s not fun.


That`s why you have so many veterans coming home with PSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other war and combat related issues. We need to guarantee stabilization in regions of the world but at the same time let the countries with the current problems fight their own battles.


I am also all for ousting out leaders in countries that have turned out to be dictators and not true leaders that should have the `For the People` mentality. I just don`t want to keep seeing the United States keep acting like a referee and getting involved in every countries fight.


The question of, "What`s happening with the Saudi military presence in Bahrain is answered with, they are playing the security force for Bahrain which is the smaller and weaker country. This also needs to be answered with another question of, "Why did the Saudi Security force go into Bahrain in the first place? Could be answered a few different ways.


First, maybe a political thing from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia asking for help.


Second, could have been a behind the scenes thing from the Obama Administration.


Third, could be trying to send a message to Iran of, besides our other allies in the region like Israel, we now have other countries that can help us keep peace in that area of the world and make sure Iran does not try to bite off more than they can chew.


So, for now, the Saudi Arabian military security force in Bahrain needs to complete their mission but in a peaceful way and show constrain for the protestors. Obama needs to keep a watchful eye as he is doing in that region of the world and ensure we keep a military presence as our Navy`s fifth fleet is doing and keep giving the impression to Iran of, `Don`t Tread on Me` or you will get your behind kicked!