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Published:March 20th, 2011 11:15 EST
man can

Kid Makes Killing Selling Man Cans: Candles With Manly Scents

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Who doesn`t like to turn the lights off and relax with a sweet-smelling candle? Scents like lavender and vanilla seem to be calming, right?


An entrepreneur (Hart Main) in Ohio has started a new candle-making business targeted at men: it`s called the man can. Read More

man can
This smart (4.0 GPA) kid is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, he donated hundreds of cans of food to a soup kitchen and used the cans to make his man cans.

When I walk into a woman`s room and she is burning fragrant candles, I have the sudden compulsion to watch Oprah, read Vogue magazine and munch on bon bons.

The only way I can reclaim my sense of masculinity after such an unnerving experience is by enjoying the scent of a man can. Getting a whiff of a candle that smells like a gear head or pizza goes a long way to regaining my manhood.

It costs Hart $2.50 to make a candle, and he sells them at $5.00 a pop, making a tidy profit. The intelligent little nerd will be able to buy a lot of pocket protectors and books with that kind of loot.

Do you enjoy watching Glee, Oprah and the Lifetime Channel? Want to feel like a macho man again? Order a man can:

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