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Published:March 21st, 2011 12:18 EST

Video: Autistic And Blind Boy Singer InspiresThousands On YouTube

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A little boy who is delighting fans at sporting events is also an inspiration for everyone.

From Christian contemporary to pop rock, 9-year-old Christopher Duffley can sing it all, right there with the best of them, with purity and passion.


If you closed your eyes and just listened to his voice you`d never guess he`s both blind and autistic.
He sang the national anthem at a hockey tournament this past weekend. The video was posted on YouTube and currently has over 300 hits."

YouTube is the perfect platform for vain individuals to share their abysmal lack of talent with the whole world. In the Dark Ages (before the Internet) a lousy singer could only disturb his family as he crooned in the shower, but now he can post a video on YouTube and and torment multitudes.

Witness Rebecca Black, the 16-year-old singer, who has garnered 30 million hits with her robotic rendition of "Friday". To be honest Rebecca isn`t a bad singer, the poor girl was auto-tuned to death on her infamous video.

Christopher Duffley isn`t the typical YouTube sensation; you won`t watch his videos in ironic appreciation of his lack of talent. The young boy is a gifted performer, and he doesn`t need to be auto-tuned to correct pitch. Christopher is an inspiration and an example that human beings can overcome any disability or obstacle.

Christopher excels in every genre, he can even make Train`s abominable "Hey, Soul Sister" sound halfway decent. Enjoy watching Christopher sing the national anthem: