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Published:March 22nd, 2011 20:08 EST
Cowboy Humorist Will Roberts - Planning to Run FROM 2012 Presidential Elections

Cowboy Humorist Will Roberts - Planning to Run FROM 2012 Presidential Elections

By Will Roberts


Well now, Sarah Palin has travelled to India & Israel, which now opens the gate for everyday people getting involved in places that everyday folks don`t belong. 

Now, I am all for folks that have recognition getting in, getting some attention and getting their hands dirty. However, I would not send a famous bowler into a country like Brazil to talk about soccer. That bowler might try to convince those Brazilians that they need a heavier ball to really make some damage. 

I guess I could use the old adage of the bull in the china shop... In this case. If you see a bull and it`s trying to sell you a line of fine dinnerware, RUN, lock the doors and don`t let "um in. 

For the same reason, would you allow a momma grizzly to have a picnic with your family? I am not sure that would be a wise idea.

If you do think that`s a good idea, go to the rodeo. 

Of course, I am a cowboy that works for the circus, not something normally matched together. It seems to work. As a matter of fact, I have seen quite a few animals do some amazing tricks. Tricks that even the smartest humans can`t do. 

So, a mamma grizzly that has a few tricks up her sleeve - fur, totally possible, but at some point you have to ask yourself, do political figures from other countries talking to our everyday people really serve a purpose? Or just enable that grizzly able to do more tricks? 

Ok, so this cowboy is beating around the bush, and of course I am trying to find a kind way of telling Mrs. Palin that trips to the hospital don`t make me a doctor. A visit to a home depot don`t make me a carpenter and trips to foreign  countries only teach me a few things: how to say hello ", goodbye " and, can you help me, I am a tourist. " The last one normally needs not even be said; it`s pretty obvious. 

Not that I don`t think you should not visit foreign countries, I do, as a vacationer, not the EX-Governor of a state. Especially if you quit your job. Not sure that sends the right message about our working class here in America. 

Here`s my plan: Mrs. Palin, if you truly want to be seen as worldly, travel the world, here`s how:

You like those reality shows, I saw a few episodes of your own.

Join the amazing race, you and Todd; heck, bring the kids.

They go everywhere! Tell them you want the Middle East countries. Spend a good chunk of time running around there lost. (why not; our Government does it all the time?)

Get to know the people, and the hotspots... Worldly and popular all in one.


And you`d better hurry if the 2012 Presidential race is the next race on your list.


Your friend,




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