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Published:March 22nd, 2011 11:38 EST
What was Brittany Norwood`s 'Real Motive' In the Yoga Shop Murder?

What was Brittany Norwood`s 'Real Motive' In the Yoga Shop Murder?

By John G. Kays

When I first heard about the Yoga Shop Murder, I didn`t think that much about it. Two masked men had entered the Lululemon Athletica with robbery and rape on their minds. I became interested in the story when I heard yesterday it was a staged crime, and that one of the supposed victims had concocted this charade to cover up her misdeed. The unraveling of her lies are clear now, but a more pertinent question, that nags us needlessly, is why, what`s the real motive?

lululemon athletica

More details of Brittany Norwood`s life are coming out in the news. I will call your attention to an article in The News Tribune, that must be reporting from the Seattle area, once a star athlete, now accused of murder (Associated Press and News Tribune staff writer Steve Maynard contributed to this report). I won`t summarize the article for you, but the bottom line is Brittany was a star athlete in soccer during her high school years.

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But what does this have to do with what happened to her on March 11, 2011 at a trendy Bethesda, Maryland yoga shop? Perhaps nothing, but maybe everything. Another telling item in the sketchy portrait of Brittany Norwood that`s slowly emerging, is her $20,000 tab of outstanding student loans, that appear in court documents. Add to that her failure to pay rent to a landlord in the D.C. area.

jayna murray

Actually these items are not so unusual, since many of us are having financial problems. But what I`m doing is coupling these problems with the apparent potential for success that Brittany exhibited earlier in high school, with her achievements in soccer. With this in mind, was the drive to succeed so great that it becomes her Achilles Heel? This is an interesting theory that I put before your feet today.

One might have expected that Brittany would make significant advances up the social ladder after high school, but this doesn`t seem to be the case. Some more fleshing out of the events of her life needs reporting still, but I did read she had a hotel job near the White House, which she left for unknown reasons. One suspects that a mere hotel job isn`t good enough for an ex-star athlete. The EX is key here.

So exactly what led Brittany to this upscale neighborhood and trendy position at a retail clothing store for yoga practitioners? I haven`t heard it mentioned yet how long she had been working at the Lululemon Athletica.

Moreover, no mention of how she got the job, whether it was through friends or she just walked in and applied. The fact that it`s a sports store makes more sense in light of her background.

A girl that knew her in high school, Megan Healy, revealed a problem with stealing had been detected in those days of the late 1990s, up in Washington State. Watch your locker is the phrase hook I have in my notes.

That is, Brittany was known for her sticky fingers very early on. And it sounds as if Jayna Murray was on to her; this may be the vital fact that led to her death. Did Norwood have murder on her mind; when she called Jayna to meet her at the shop (the ruse of retrieving her wallet was given)?

That we don`t know yet. One item too that`s piqued my curiosity is why did Brittany return to Jayna`s car, then mysteriously move the car, with several police officers in her ken? I`ve heard also she spent as many as 90 minutes in Jayna`s car scheming how she could stage the crime scene.

It`s my belief that this odd movement to the accomplished yoga employees` car is the crux of the matter. Brittany was assuming the identity of Jayna!

I`m on shaky footing here (and I know it), but I`m convinced the motive is social in nature, rather than material. Now, don`t get me wrong, the motive to steal has to be tied in to the undercurrents of `social expectations that never happened.`

In my college days I studied the causes of the French Revolution. The power phrase (for historians) `rising expectations of the bourgeoisie` kept popping up. Brittany`s rage was triggered by rising expectations unrealized.