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Published:March 23rd, 2011 14:48 EST

Stupidity! Seattle Mariners Consider Giving Bags Of Compost To Fans

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials with the Seattle Mariners said fans attending this season`s games may receive small bags of compost as free giveaways.

Scott Jenkins, Mariners vice president for ballpark operations, said the compost is made by Cedar Grove Composting from ballpark waste including leftover food, packaging, cups and utensils, The Seattle Times reported Tuesday."



Everyone, including baseball fans, should be encouraged to recycle waste products as compost. But this promotion stinks to high heaven, it will backfire if the Mariners play like a compost heap. The Mariners would be well-advised not to put their logo on the bags of compost.

Maybe the Mariners can give away a small bag of compost, and a bobble head doll of a baseball player. No kid is going to beg his dad to take him to the ballpark so he can get his free bag of compost.

Seattle is a liberal city teeming with environmentalists, but a baseball stadium is a politically-correct free zone. Baseball fans want to see homers, drink beer, and forget about the problems of the world for a couple of hours. Baseball lovers don`t want to be preached to, they want to be friggin` entertained.

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