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Published:March 27th, 2011 18:19 EST
Why Did Teenager Kyle Smith Slaughter His Grandparents in Midwest City, then Video his Feat?

Why Did Teenager Kyle Smith Slaughter His Grandparents in Midwest City, then Video his Feat?

By John G. Kays

"They actually sit in the house with these two dead bodies laying in the home with them, smoke marijuana, then decide how to dispose of the crime scene. And realizing there`s too much blood to clean up the crime scene, then they set the house on fire." Brandon Clabes  - Midwest City Police Chief

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The first item of business was to find out where in the hell Midwest City, Oklahoma was, and what in the world was going on there to cause teenagers to go berserk. With this in mind, I thoroughly perused a half dozen newspaper articles and absorbed the basic facts about the machete slaying of grandparents David and Rose Garrick. Using the facts as ammunition, I searched around for a motive to explain Kyle Smith`s insanity.

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The Wikipedia entry for Midwest City didn`t provide me with any clues that would suggest anything out of the ordinary is happening there. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb at you, it looks kind of sleepy and quiet, just a modest suburb of Oklahoma City. One connection stood out, however; the main source of jobs for Midwest City is Tinker Air Force Base. Sure enough, these slain grandparents worked there.

kyle smith burned house

As far as the facts go, it was a little confusing to trace Kyle Smith`s actions right after he killed his grandparents Tuesday night (March 22, 2011). Apparently, after murdering David (60) and Rose (57) and videoing the crime scene on his cell phone, he went by to Jonathan Siders first. Siders is not mentioned in any of the newspaper articles, but is mentioned in the police affidavit.

dustin martin

Kyle showed Jonathan the cell phone video and Siders saw that the murder weapon, a machete was in a black bag that was sitting in the back seat of a GM pickup truck, that Kyle had conveniently borrowed from his now deceased caretakers. Implied in the affidavit, is that Siders wanted nothing to do with this rampage of teenage madness.

As for Smith`s motley accomplices in ultra-violence, Dustin Martin and Jacob Leblanc, the affidavit explains how the police were able to apprehend them. A student at Moore High School heard these two talking about the murder and contacted the police. A detective Harkins found Dustin Martin at his home, and Dustin willingly went down to headquarters to be interviewed.

"I believe I detected an error in the affidavit, as far as a date given in Dustin Martin`s account. During that interview, Dustin Martin said when he awoke of the morning of 3-24-11 he had numerous missed calls from his friends Kyle Smith and Jacob Leblanc." We know that the murders occurred on Tuesday, 3-22-11.

Furthermore, we know that it was the next day that the three teenagers smoke pot right in the room with the bodies, while they schemed how they would cover up the crime scene. Therefore, the date of Dustin Martin waking up to find so many calls from his `friend` would have to be Wednesday, 3-23-11. 

So, for the details of this shocking teenage crime, I would recommend several pieces published in, such as two more arrested in Midwest City fire deaths by Matt Patterson, and Midwest City teen used machete to kill his grandparents, police affidavit states by Bryan Dean. Also, I printed the Affidavit of Probable Cause (In The District Court Of Oklahoma - State Of Oklahoma vs. Smith, Kyle Alexander.)

To capture the realism of this unexplainable saga of modern teenage angst, I recommend you listen to the original 911 call of Chuck Schuman, a neighbor of the Garricks, who was reporting the fire at 3416 Pleasant Drive. This fire was reported by Chuck Schuman without knowing what was really going on. Since you do know, your dread and anxiety grows as you hear Chuck talking to the 911 operator.

This is a loaded story, in every sense imaginable. JVM`s Issues was great last night for its probing of motive. Why are our teenagers so out of control and crazy was part of the discussion on this particular show.

Dr. Dale Archer, a frequent guest on Jane`s show, put forth a new thesis put forth in psychology circles that some children may have `Evil Genes.` Don`t know anything about it, but it sure seems to be a good fit with 17-year-old Kyle Smith.

In this regard, Brandon Clebes said: "We call it pure evil. That`s the only way to describe it. You can`t fathom this type of crime especially with the ages of the suspects." As for myself, I watched the footage of Kyle Smith being moved from the Midwest City jail to the Oklahoma County jail. Spooky sight to behold, this lumbering man-boy!

I ascertained some disquieting impressions, an unsettling perception of what this kid was thinking beneath a thin veneer of acceptability. He`s a bulky, ominous looking kid with a chilly smirk on his puss that is oddly offset by a mocking Beatle Cut. Out of place, but somehow gives him a distinguished gravity, but in a creepy Boris Karloff aura of dementia.

With The Doors` Riders On The Storm piping through my stereo, I briefly tapped my articles once again for evidence of motive, or better yet, for traces of this `Evil` that several have mentioned in passing, as if this is normal behavior in this day and age. Nothing oh so obvious, but some quotes from neighbors gave me pause for thought with some clear warning signs.

Check the pulse of this, but one neighbor, Julia Ellefson, said that when Kyle Smith had first moved in he wore dark-colored clothing and had on chains. Jacob Fordenbacher, who lives across the street from Garricks, said:  "He seemed like a little punk, but he`s a teenager so that kind of goes with the territory."

Smith had attended a military school in Missouri also, so this may be another harbinger of who he would become. A neighbor boy saw him throwing knives at a fence and heard him arguing with his grandmother over his smoking pot in the house.

Furthermore, you have to wonder why his biological mother wasn`t taking care of him anymore. She was certainly frightened of her evil prodigy, so she passed him off to her unsuspecting parents.

The hugest clue of all, that tethers evil to this weirdo teeny-bop Rasputin of sorts, is the videoing of the gruesome aftermath of the bludgeoning with a machete. No remorse, perhaps rapture that his grandparents were dead.

 And even as startling as his sick kick of ultra-violence, ala A Clockwork Orange, is the participation of his faithful Drooges, Martin and LeBlanc. A pot orgy amongst friends in the aftermath of such senseless slaughter is the ultimate expression of wicked communal humiliation.