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Published:April 5th, 2011 11:31 EST
police dog

K-9 Dog Faces Down Posse Of Animals To Find Stash Of Weed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Italian authorities say a police dog got past a large dog, a cat, a rabbit and a nearly 6 1/2-foot python to find an alleged drug dealer`s stash of marijuana.

Police said the dog, Umos, was brought into the 22-year-old suspect`s apartment near La Spezia and ignored most of the animals to face off against the python, which investigators said the man was using to cover the smell of marijuana, ANSA reported Monday.

police dog

Investigators said Umos `soon turfed out the snake and we found the man`s cannabis as well as equipment to process it.`"


At the sight of a 6 1/2-foot python the average cop would have checked his drawers, and called for a SWAT team. But it would take a zoo full of animals to discourage a police dog from doing his job.

"Turfed out the snake" must mean that the K-9 dog scared the Bejesus out of the snake, and it slithered out of the way.

I`m not sure why the cat and the rabbit were in the mix, they were probably lunch and dinner for the big snake. Animal lovers will be glad to know that all of the critters were taken to a nearby shelter.

Stoners take due diligence to protect their stash, but most are too lazy to arrange for a menagerie of animals to serve as guards. Just kidding, most marijuana smokers are hard-working individuals and law-abiding citizens.

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