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Published:April 5th, 2011 13:50 EST

Survey: During Lean Economic Times Folks Spend More On Their Pets

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Americans may be clipping money-saving coupons and delaying buying a new home, but when it comes to their pets they`re spending more than ever, according to a new survey.

Between trips to the vet, specialty foods, treats and toys, pet insurance and even parties, Americans have no compunction about opening up their wallets to keep Rex, Rover or even the house lizard healthy and happy.


Flying in the face of economic woes, between two and five percent of pet owners said they spent more on their pets last year, according to the poll by the non-profit American Pet Products Association."


I`m not surprised by the findings of this poll, in hard economic times we seek comfort and solace in our pets. When times are bad your spouse may be grouchy, and your kids may complain because you can`t afford to buy them everything they want, but your pets are always in a good mood.

It`s insane to lavish so much attention and money on your kids, the ungrateful brats are destined to leave the nest and remember you only on holidays. Pets will love you and need you for ever and ever, Amen!

I love my pets, and I don`t skimp on buying them treats regardless of the economic situation.

Go ahead and spend your kids` college fund on your pets, you won`t regret it. How many parents have children who graduated from college and are still living at home wasting all their time texting, downloading videos, and raiding the fridge?

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