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Published:April 9th, 2011 11:40 EST

Should One-Armed People Be Allowed To Carry A Switchblade?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Maine lawmakers on Wednesday approved legalizing switchblades for people with one arm, moving close to becoming the first state to make such an exception to laws that ban use of the spring-action knives.


Backers of the measure say legalizing switchblades would eliminate a need for one-armed people to be forced to open folding knives with their teeth in emergencies.

The Maine bill requires that the knives have a blade that is three inches or shorter."


In an emergency a one-armed dude should rely on a cellphone and not a switchblade. Let`s get real, a dude with only one arm isn`t going to strike fear in the heart of any criminal, even if he is wielding a sword.

A one-armed person with a switchblade with a blade that`s only three inches long is as imposing as a toddler brandishing a baby rattle. If a one-armed individual pulls out a switchblade to try to ward off a mugger, the bad dude will either die laughing or beat the disabled man to a bloody pulp.

This Maine bill is politically-correct nonsense.

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