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Published:April 10th, 2011 12:04 EST

Moron Burglar Leaves T-Shirt With His Mug Shot At Scene Of Crime

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A robbery suspect is in jail after a T-shirt with his photo on it was found outside a home police say he robbed last week.

On March 29, two men broke into a residence on Dinglewood Avenue, off Eastway Drive, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. A man and woman were home at the time, according to a police report, and the suspects moved them from room to room as they stole a wallet and jewelry.


As the suspects fled, police said, the man who lives at the home ran outside after them. During a struggle, a T-shirt fell out of the suspects` vehicle. Read more

We all make mistakes, and sometimes we run afoul of the law. But if I`m arrested, I would look back on the time when a cop took my mug shot as one of the most shameful and embarrassing moments of my life.

In urban communities going to prison is a rite of passage, and Jonathan Tyrone Huntley was so proud of his mug shot that he had it emblazoned on a T-shirt.

Only a brain-dead criminal would drive to a robbery with T-shirts bearing his mug shot in his car. During a scuffle with the homeowner one of his prized T-shirts fell out of his car. The T-shirt had the caption "Making money is my thang." Tyrone has a long criminal history, he`s wasted most of his adult life behind bars. Making money isn`t his thang, trying to avoid getting raped in prison is his thang.

Crime does pay, most white-collar criminals get away with stealing huge sums of money. In the rare occurrences when a white-collar criminal is caught and convicted, he usually receives only a slap on the wrist. But crime doesn`t pay for burglars, muggers and other low-class riff-raff, they inevitably get caught and sentenced to long stretches in prison.

The victim realized the photo on the T-shirt was of the man who had just robbed him. Huntley realized his goose was cooked, and he turned himself in two days later.

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