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Published:April 14th, 2011 12:14 EST
Iced Out Click "The"  Gang` Introduction  This Week:  Welcome Zorilla

Iced Out Click "The" Gang` Introduction This Week: Welcome Zorilla

By Tom Ski

Iced Out Click was first introduced to readers two weeks ago.  This group of five unbelievably phenomenal performers began their career in a small garage with the numbers `402` spray-painted across the top.  No "this was no error.  These five talented young men had originally been named "The 402 Boys,` paying homage to Percy Miller (a.k.a. Master P), and the rest of his hip-hop `friends` who called themselves the 504 Boyz.  

As with any group bent on stardom, each and every one of the members of Iced Out Click began "somewhere,` and then began turning into monumentally talented hip-hop artists that will someday become the household name - Iced Out Click.  Iced Out Click has been built on the "backs` of these five young men who know exactly what path they want their careers to take.  Alfred Robertson (Shawty Ace); Bernard Robertson (Young Bige); Lorenzo Keys (Zorilla); Stuart Ballard (Studieo); and, Stephen Scott (Da-Menace) - came together to build a group and a "family` who, literally, draws fans and followers into their music - entertaining, teaching, and offering the words and `moves` that thrill the ever-growing crowds.  Iced Out Click are truly a band of brothers building a career that would make Master P and his Boyz proud.

With each new article we`re going to delve into the lives of every band member.  We will offer information and in-depth `words`  that come straight from the mouths` of these young men, who have an incredible shot at having their names, songs, and albums be synonymous with the greats that have secured a place in music history.

This week we are coming face-to-face with Lorenzo Keys (a.k.a. Zorilla).  This is a name you will not soon forget once you hear the fantastic lyrics and vocals that he owns.  Born in Chicago, Illinois Lorenzo Keys was raised in Crossett, Arkansas.  This small, southern town was where it all began - where the fates went to work and combined these five stellar individuals into a perfect union.  Lorenzo is not only an addictive singer, Zorilla is also gifted with sheer brain power, a myriad of dreams for is future, and more energy than any one person could possibly have.

After graduating Crossett High School, Zorilla attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where he dove into the world of computer programming, while minoring in business management.  Not enough for this mastermind, Zorilla also attended Arkansas Tech University for a year until his musician soul took over and led him in the direction of stardom. 

College was certainly a calling " for Lorenzo, but the world of music was calling to his inner Zorilla - a calling that was far louder and much clearer than his academic destiny.  His talent for the hip-hop world continued to grow inside this young man`s soul, and soon became a vital part of Iced Out Click.  Throwing himself into the band with his passion for music and natural talent, one-hundred percent of Zorilla`s focus and drive was turned away from his studies and into the group.

Along with the other members of Iced Out Click, Zorilla relocated to Atlanta to an absolutely thriving music scene.  Not only was this a good idea, but it soon became a fantastic one when - almost immediately upon their arrival -  Iced Out Click was signed  with the Black Hollywood Cartel. 

This was the first step to fame.  But although the future changed rapidly for Iced Out Click, their amazing talent moved them forward fast.  Eyes straight ahead on the prize, they never looked back.  And, as with the other band members, Zorilla is making the future his own.  Although he`s partial to several southern rappers (i.e., Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, and Yo Gotti), Zorilla makes it abundantly clear that he has no interest in following or becoming a mirror image of any of these performers.  With his own ideas and natural talent, he is truly looking at blazing his own unique trail through the music industry.

Although a huge part of Iced Out Click, Zorilla still maintains himself as being an individual performer.  This twenty-two-year-old is not only charming, but he writes his own music and has been a huge contributor to some of Iced Out Click`s biggest, best-loved songs.  The musical journey Zorilla is on with his hip-hop family is where his concentration lies at the moment, and he says his ultimate goal is to head down the red carpet one day at the Grammy Award`s with his `band of brothers,` and be a part of accepting that golden trophy.

No "this man is not done by a long shot.  He has a list of goals and dreams that should keep him monumentally busy for the next hundred years or so, including venturing into other areas of business such as real estate, car dealerships, and even having his own show.  Zorilla`s energy is as unstoppable as his talent! 

And, yes "this writer knows that when you`re talking about not only a professional and gifted musician but a handsome one at that - there are other, more in-depth, questions that fans and followers have on their minds.  For all you ladies` out there, Zorilla is blessedly single, and is a firm believer that a woman going about her business " is just about the most beautiful creature in the world.  From his polite Arkansas home which instilled in him the gifts of personality, generosity, and respect, Zorilla also believes that a woman who is gorgeous on the outside is even more gorgeous if her heart and soul offer that "spark` of wisdom and beauty that gleams in her eyes.  

Until that young lady appears however, Zorilla is more than happy to spend time with his family, and his boys " that make up the amazingly entertaining, Iced Out Click.  (So, ladies, there`s still time to "nab` this good man`s heart). 

As Iced Out Click gets bigger and bigger in the music world, So Throwed Entertainment and All Tied Up Productions back Zorilla and the gang with everything they have - introducing and "gifting` the world with these promising musicians who know exactly what they want.  And, most definitely, have the talent to get it!

This is one piece of Ice " that is completely on fire!!

**Biggest and latest IOC news? ICED OUT CLICK is performing!!!!



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