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Published:April 15th, 2011 10:25 EST
International Author Askin Ozcan Debuts IDEAS & JELLYFISH Worldwide

International Author Askin Ozcan Debuts IDEAS & JELLYFISH Worldwide

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This is the seventh published book of Askin Ozcan - a new, popular author. IDEAS & JELLYFISH is a marvellous, entertaining book published by Prakash Books.

IDEAS & JELLYFISH  brings to you a unique and entertaining pack of thoughts! In a world where ideas, like jellyfish, seem to wiggle away as quickly as they are conceived, Ozcan pins down in this entertaining collection, a fascinating insight of a world we know (or we think we know!) and the one we imagine.

From his humourous take on everyday life in the visible world, to the invisible mechanisms of God,, he goes on to dream up various permutations and combinations for a perfect world. Find out how penicillin bought at a pharmacy landed him a coffee date, how God sent him a new dress to gift to his girlfriend, and how Comedians of the world can unite to revolutionize national politics...and many more very interesting stories...
192 pages, paperback. Publisher : Prakash Books  ISBN  9788172343736
Author : Askin Ozcan
Available at  at  $  1.50 + reasonable sending charge. ...

and at the leading bookstores in India.

Prof. (h.c.) Architect Askin Ozcan is an international author who has lived in nine countries and travelled extensively in  Turkey, Europe and North America.  He has worked in a variety of professions also. These have provided ample material for his books. He has published THE SECOND VENICE (humour), SMALL MIRACLES (true stunning stories from his own life), LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES (poetry), STOCKHOLM STORIES (memoirs), WISDOM IN SMILE (short stories), THE MINI-SUBMARINE ( novelette for a film).

All the books are available at  under the author`s name and at  200 internet bookshops and via 25.000 bookstores globally.
He writes  regularly for,,