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Published:April 19th, 2011 00:46 EST

6-Year-Old Brat Crashes Family Van

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Oregon said a 6-year-old boy who took his family`s van to go buy some food was not injured when he crashed head-on into a pickup truck.

Oregon state troopers and Klamath Falls emergency responders said they responded to a 7:15 a.m. Sunday call about the crash on Bristol Avenue near Fargo Street and arrived to discover the boy had been driving his mother`s 1996 Plymouth Voyager, the (Portland) Oregonian reported Monday.


State Police Sgt. Robert Fenner told Portland`s KGW-TV the boy told troopers he had taken the van and a roll of pennies from his apartment because he was hungry and wanted to buy some food.

I don`t need to be a psychic or a family therapist to conclude that this little brat is being raised by parents with no backbone.

The little monster eats whenever he wants to, his parents don`t set any boundaries. The kid couldn`t find a snack to munch on in the fridge, so he took his family`s van to buy some food.

If the boy had even a smidgen of fear or respect for his parents he wouldn`t have pulled such an outrageous stunt. When this problem child acts up his parents probably "punish" him by sending him to his bedroom where he can watch porn on his computer or play violent video games.

If I were this delinquent`s dad I would whack his butt so hard that he wouldn`t be able to sit on a van or anywhere else for a couple of weeks.

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