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Published:April 20th, 2011 13:16 EST

Sarah Palin And Donald Trump Are Right: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sarah Palin came to the defense of Donald Trump on Tuesday night in the wake of criticism coming from both sides targeting the potential presidential contender.

`Donald Trump is the one being really treated unfairly,` said the former Alaska governor during an appearance on Fox News.


She said that the press has been `hammering` the billionaire for propagating the debunked conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama wasn`t born in the United States.

`He`s merely answering reporters` questions about his view on the birth certificate,` Palin explained. `Reporters turn that around and say `That`s all he`s got. He`s always only running on a birth certificate issue` when that`s not the case.`"

I rarely agree with anything that Sarah Palin says, but this time she is spot on: Donald Trump is being treated unfairly by the press. The cable news outlets and bloggers like this writer for can barely hide their contempt for the Donald. The tycoon isn`t "propagating" a "debunked conspiracy theory", he is boldly and intelligently making the case that Obama should release his birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States.

It`s not a theory, it`s a fact that Obama has yet to release his birth certificate. The implication that Obama wasn`t born in America hasn`t been debunked. The only way that it can be debunked is if Obama releases his birth certificate.

I`m far to the left of Oamba and I voted for him, but I won`t vote for him again unless he proves that he isn`t an illegitimate president by releasing his birth certificate.

It`s not so-called birthers who are propagating a conspiracy theory, it`s Obama and his minions who are involved in a conspiracy to keep the truth from the American public. It`s Obama who has spent millions in legal fees to suppress the truth of his national origin.

When Trump is interviewed by Fox News, MSNBC or CNN, the billionaire is always peppered with questions related to Obama`s birth certificate controversy. Then the talking heads pontificate about the need to focus on the economy, and our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Hypocrites!

Palin may be buttering up Trump in the hopes that he will ask her to be on the next edition of Celebrity Apprentice, but that doesn`t change the fact that she`s telling the truth.

Donald Trump may or may not be serious about running for president, but he`s performing an invaluable public service by demanding that Obama release his birth certificate. To echo the words of Sarah Palin: More power to him.

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