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Published:April 27th, 2011 20:07 EST
Charlie Sheen for Republican Presidenti

Charlie Sheen for Republican Presidenti

By Will Roberts


Well, now all I know is what little I read on the internet! Today`s headline: Another Republican to launch an exploratory committee to possibly run for GOP Presidential nominee. It sure seems like this exploratory thing is becoming the in thing to do. I am not sure if it`s because right now, with the top POSSIBLE nominee being the least likely candidate (Trump), other GOP`ers are thinking, WHY NOT?

I think you will find that as we get closer to nailing down the Republican candidates, this may turn into one of those Poseidon adventures; you know, in the last ten minutes of the movie everyone is taking a shot at being the hero who saves the sinking ship and, in most cases, it winds up being the least likely person that saves the day.

 I just gotta think that Republicans might be feeling upstaged at this point by Mr. Trump or this birther issue. Oh, by the way, upstaged is a theater term for: Taking attention from (someone) toward oneself; outshine: "they were totally upstaged by ... Trump ".

This is all just all Hollywood folks. There are a few rules of showbiz - and that`s all politics is ... Showbiz minus the pretty people.

The rules are: never follow an act that is better than you, and Trump is one of the best. Also, children and animals always steal the spotlight.

 So, this just might be the reason why the obvious Republicans that should run are not running (Haley Barbour) and the not so obvious, film at 11! Which means, just wait and see, `cause I think it`s all going to get real interesting real soon. As a matter of fact, I would not be surprised if you see the name Sheen thrown around the West Wing of the 2012 Presidential elections, and that`s not Martin Sheen. 

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"All I Know Is What Little I Read On The Internet!"