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Published:May 3rd, 2011 17:21 EST

Are Nightclubs Inappropriate For Wheelchair-Bound Ladies?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pair of wheelchair-bound Swedish women said they were insulted when a hot line operator told them nightclubs are an `inappropriate` place for wheelchairs.

Katarina Morgner and Nina Aberg said they were planning a night out in Stockholm and sent a text message to 118 100, a hot line promising "an answer to anything," inquiring about the most wheelchair-accessible nightclubs, Swedish news agency TT reported Tuesday.


The women said they were shocked to receive the reply: `We don`t think a nightclub is an appropriate environment for wheelchairs.`

The women said they are filing an official complaint with the Equality Ombudsman.


In America thanks to the "Americans with Disabilities Act" businesses and private employers are required to make their facilities readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

However commonsense must be taken into account, there are some places that are too dangerous for people with disabilities, nightclubs being one of them. Nightclubs are dimly lit so that patrons can get their freak on, a wheelchair on the disco floor is an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen. A drunk or high wheelchair-bound individual will be mowing down dancers left and right.

Katarina and Nina are self-centered bimbos who need to get in touch with reality. Life isn`t fair, if your `e disabled you will never win a marathon and you shouldn`t risk injury to yourself or others by patronizing a nightclub.

These ladies are going to file a complaint with the Equality Ombudsman,; I pray that he will kick them to the curb.

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