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Published:May 4th, 2011 21:46 EST
President Obama Invites Bush to Give Him Credit At Ground Zero, Bush Refuses!

President Obama Invites Bush to Give Him Credit At Ground Zero, Bush Refuses!

By Will Roberts

You know the old saying, "blood runs deep"? Well, it does, especially when you`re out for it. I can`t tell you folks that I am surprised today to see that BIRTHERS are not quite done yet with misbelieving our President`s birth certificate. The headline I saw tweeted (on Twitter) yesterday, said, "The Birth Certificate could have been forged!" My my... Not that I thought this was over. In our society today you`re hard pressed to find anyone that takes a person on their word. Even the most old world traditions (The Royal Wedding), gets muddled with a headline like, "what will the prenuptials look like?" I used to, in business, shake folks` hand on a deal. It saved a lot of time, paper and it just worked. Now, I shake a hand and in the other hand I have a twenty page document and even then it has to go through twenty lawyers who really seem like English grammar teachers. Always questioning how you say the simplest sentence." I WILL GIVE YOU SAID SERVICES. Are you saying, in this sentence, I, meaning me, or does it mean, you, or does it mean them?

There is just an overall distrust that hangs over everything these days. They say you should never judge a book by its cover. 

So, getting back to the issue at hand, "the birth certificate." It amazes me that folks (birthed) would question a man that runs the place that makes the American dollar. Rest assured that if he wanted to make a document that looked real, I can tell you it would probably be so real it would make the real look fake. 

The other day when our President came out and showed the long form of his birth certificate, it should have been the death of the birthers and the birth of a President. Too much time has been wasted on this subject, which in turn has cause out country to suffer. We can`t expect a man to keep focused on the problems of the country when he has to worry about folks (birther) questioning his credibility. Now, I know if you are on the other side of this issue this might fit you just fine. This whole thing discredits the President and ultimately affects the job he does. Which, come election time makes it easy to replace him come 2012 elections. But let the President get back to work. Let our country believe in something once again; we miss that. 

I have had friends, @MulliganJimmy say to me, "well, the President spent a whole lot of money in the past two years by not coming forward with his birth certificate," and I have to tell you folks I think our President is smarter than you think. The type of PR Obama got by holding off you could not pay for. Sometimes it`s better to let folks make themselves look bad, as opposed to jumping in and making them look just as bad. In this case, what the President did might have been better than spending one billion on campaign dollars. He waited, cause it wouldn`t have mattered if he showed the paper in the beginning; folks that don`t believe now will never believe anyway. Now, these folks have something else they don`t believe about our President.

I have a question for you Mr. President, are those really your legs? I know you walk on them but... 

By the way, Mr. President, good Job on Bin Ladin, & also inviting Bush to ground ZERO. It is important that folks on both sides realize it took more than one person to pull this trigger!, Sorry to hear Bush declined. If you looking for someone to take some credit, invite TRUMP, I am sure he can find a way to take credit! 


Your friend,





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