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Published:May 6th, 2011 09:23 EST
Sock it To Me:  The Daily Routine of Socks!

Sock it To Me: The Daily Routine of Socks!

By Michael Weidenhamer

Most people wouldn`t realize this, but socks can make or break a day.  Wearing the wrong pair of socks could put one in a state of discomfort for the whole day.  They can also endear people to each other.  Here are some helpful tips!


Don`t wear socks to bed.  The feet need to breathe and if they`re always covered, they can`t breathe and they`ll sweat more.  Nobody wants to wake up and step into a pool of sweat.  For these same reasons, don`t wear socks around the house!  Not wearing socks around the house also decreases the wear and tear on the socks, so one could go a long time without having to buy socks. 


Don`t wear long socks during the spring, summer, and fall.  Instead, wear the little anklet half socks.  When wearing long socks and it`s hot out, the feet and ankles tend to get itchy and sweaty.  It also looks out of place since that person is probably wearing shorts.  In this way, socks should be perceived but not actually seen.  People know they are there, but they just don`t talk about them! 


Do not wear white socks to a farm or any kind of muddy area.  These white socks will turn black with mud, manure, or other kinds of stains.  Clowns should also not wear normal colored socks.  They should wear multi-colored socks, since that goes along with the rest of their attire. 


When buying socks, always remember to buy enough socks for at least one week.  This way, one won`t run out of socks and won`t have to wear sandals when going out.  If this did happen, wear sandals and not shoes.  Nobody wants to walk around in the aforementioned pool of sweat.  Also remember to buy at least two pairs of black socks in case of formal events.  Another essential for buying socks is to buy at least one pair of Argyle socks.  These could come in handy someday.  For example, a favorite teacher may need a present. 


Hopefully some of these tips will help people.  Let the feet breathe!