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Published:May 7th, 2011 16:28 EST
Meet Kacey Jones!  A Woman Who Lets Us All Know That We`re Alive!

Meet Kacey Jones! A Woman Who Lets Us All Know That We`re Alive!

By Tom Ski

Zany brilliant drop-dead hilarious these are all adjectives that describe a fantastic performer by the name of Kacey Jones.  Born and bred in the picturesque, San Francisco Bay Area, and currently residing in Nashville, Kacey Jones has been described as a  `madcap` redhead who sees the world at large with laser perception and a funny tilt.

Kacey Jones super star songstress

From one redhead to another, I have to say I`ve already become a huge fan of Kacey Jones.  She`s not just a comedian - not by a long shot.  Kacey Jones is one woman who falls into the categories of singer/songwriter, producer/publisher, comedian, artist - basically, a `Jane`of all trades.  Kacey Jones is a brilliant performer who goes outside the box and has made America, literally, fall in love with her. 

Kacey Jones has received rave reviews from People Magazine, USA Today, CMT, even becoming a featured performer for Garrison Keillor on National Public Radio`s, A Prairie Home Companion.  And the list of accolades goes on and on - with each and every source pronouncing Kacey Jones hysterical, unique, and a true `star` whose albums have gotten `humbs-up` from absolutely everybody.  What is her latest masterpiece, you ask?  Donald Trump`s Hair.  No.  I`m not kidding.  The title alone had me falling off my chair, visualizing that odd Trump comb-over that is so blonde he either has seen too many Baywatch episodes, or he longs to be a member of Hitler`s master race. (The latter should make you think twice before voting him in as President, by the way).

For decades, Kacey Jones has gone against the grain.  Shining the spotlight on her comedy albums, we give to readers her CD, The Sweet Potato Queens` Big-Ass Box of Music.  Not only are the songs and lyrics beyond entertaining, Kacey Jones is also the `Official Songstress` of The Sweet Potato Queens organization.  Totaling seventy-five thousand members worldwide, this organization was begun because of six best-selling Sweet Potato Queen books by author, Jill Conner Browne.  (Simon and Schuster and Random House)

Another Kacey Jones` CD?  Men Are Some of My Favorite People.  This amazing group of songs was recorded in 1997, which actually was a step in music history.  It was one of the very few original music/comedy albums ever released by a female artist in Nashville. This CD has become a classic must-have for collectors all over the world, and yielded two unforgettable music videos based on the hysterical songs: 1-900-Bubba and I Hate Your Lousy, Rotten, Stinkin` Guts But, I`m Not Bitter.

Another title from Kacey Jones is one that I swear will be etched on my very own gravestone.  Every Man I Love is Either Married, Gay or Dead.  This CD has songs that always put me in mind of why I despise Joanne Woodward.  She had a heck of a lot of nerve keeping that blue-eyed man to herself all his life.  

Not only are there CD`s in Kacey Jones` past that are compilations of sheer and utter talent, but there`s even more "  In the years 1986 through 1990, Kacey Jones was also the brilliant creator of one of Nashville`s most distinctive and revered acts to ever hit the stage.  This all-girl group, Ethel and The Shameless Hussies, literally had a cult following, and moved into the mainstream music world with a nomination in the late 1980`s for Comedy Act of the Year" on MCA Records.

We`re not done yet, guys and gals.  Kacey Jones is also a well-known and much loved producer.  Using her talent and creativity, Kacey Jones produced, Pearls in the Snow:  The Songs of Kinky Friedman.  This collection hit the number one spot on the Americana Album Chart in 1999, and featured critically acclaimed performances by Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakam, Tom Waits - and a plethora of other legendary artists.  Kacey Jones even sang a duet with Kinky, himself, called Marilyn and Joe on this unbelievable work of art. 

Music, singing, producing, comedy - all of this is simply not enough for this stellar performer.  Kacey Jones has even had her hand in motion pictures, contributing three original songs to the soundtrack of Sordid Lives,  which was an award-winning film starring Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, Bonnie Bedelia, and Leslie Jordan, and went on to be a TV series.  And, yes, I`m sure the Broadway arena is just a few short months away considering how talented this woman is; in fact, Kacey Jones penned the original music to the hilarious stage play, Nipples on the Wind, and toured with the company throughout the United States in 2007. 

Now, with Donald Trump`s Hair, Kacey Jones offers an album with thirteen original songs written and/or co-written by Kacey.  This is an album of not only vocal talent, but of pure comic genius; and, let`s face it, America hasn`t had something to laugh about in a very long time.  The title track, Donald Trump`s Hair, will be released nationally to two-thousand country radio stations, as well as six hundred Pop and AC stations, on May 9th, so make sure you have your radio tuned in on Monday, because you do NOT want to miss this!

Over the next few months, we`re going to spotlight every aspect of this one-of-a-kind artist`s career.  Her brand of humor and satire - which I personally live by - will be explored for readers and fans across the globe.  After all, Kacey Jones continues a tradition that musical humorists like Jerry Reed and Sophie Tucker made famous, and that alone warrants the spotlight!   

Kacey Jones also used yet another avenue of her creativity to record a tribute to Mickey Newbury titled, Kacey Jones Sings Mickey Newbury.  Taking Newbury`s amazing collection of melancholy, emotional ballads, Kacey Jones did a fantastic version that brought tears to her listeners` eyes.  I love when people laugh so hard at my funny songs that tears roll down their cheeks,  Kacey commented.  I also love to see their eyes well up when I sing a ballad that reminds them of someone or something they`ve loved or lost. Tears of laughter, tears of sorrow...they`re all good.  They let us know we`re alive.

That`s the best conclusion that a writer can come to when they`re given such an amazing subject like Kacey Jones to work with.  Kacey has the ultimate power - which is rare these days - to make people laugh.  She has the ability to let people enjoy their lives and step away from the ridiculous drama that seems to be everywhere nowadays; from television sets to just outside our windows.  And allowing individuals to smile is a true gift.

Next time, we will offer an in-depth look at Kacey Jones, and what she thinks about the life and world around her.  Fans and readers are already begging for more information, and want to get to know this performer with all their hearts.  Mark my words, Kacey Jones is one person who has achieved greatness by forging an unstoppable path through the music industry.   And she is very far from being done!


Until Next Time Everybody. 


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