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Published:May 10th, 2011 12:30 EST
What's Left?

What's Left?

By Ernest Dempsey

The 2011 tsunami of Japan, the 2010 floods of Pakistan, the 9/11 of New York "or just a more frequently seen accident, disease, or suicide; things that destroy life take away not only a loved one from us but also our spirit of life, the joy of breathing on this planet. Life is robbed of life continuously by both nature and human hands. Yet, it never dies out completely, even in mass extinctions. Something is left of it. This `something` is the core quality of life that prevails while all else is gone.


This poem of mine is dedicated to life`s resilience in any and all forms.  


All`s gone, it may appear;


but the bird is singing,


the dog licking its pup,


and the rain nurturing life:


there`s more to it; a smile.