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Published:May 11th, 2011 13:10 EST

Lady Gaga's GagaVille Ain't No FarmVille!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Not that she needed it, but Lady Gaga is trying out a new sales channel for her music: Zynga`s social gaming app FarmVille. Later this month she will release singles from her upcoming `Born This Way album` in a game called GagaVille."


To hear the exclusive tracks players have to complete certain tasks. Lady Gaga`s monsters will stay up all night until they complete the tasks, and are thus able to hear the new songs of their heroine.

Normal people who have a life and aren`t enthralled by the Madonna wannabe won`t spend a second playing GagaVille. This promotion doesn`t make any sense, it won`t widen the controversial diva`s audience.

In FarmVille women who don`t have a life manage a virtual farm my doing farm work like plowing land, harvesting crops and raising livestock. In GagaVille I would guess monsters who don`t have a life manage a demented pop star, and they create weird outfits and write asinine songs for her.

GagaVille is one of the worst games ever invented, quite fitting for the most overexposed hack in the entertainment industry.

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