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Published:May 11th, 2011 22:39 EST
Now With Bin Laden Gone Who Will Take Leadership of Al-Qaida?

Now With Bin Laden Gone Who Will Take Leadership of Al-Qaida?

By Ron G Anselm

I think when the news that we finally got about Osama Bin Laden`s death came down the pipe, just about every red blooded American felt a sense of relief. Not that we just killed someone but that justice was finally served. I can`t forgive someone who masterminded a plan to kill Americans and then carried out attacks on our soil that killed over three-thousand innocent Americans in the 9/11 attacks. Anyone who loves this country and who has a little vigilantism in them had to feel better when Bin Laden bit the bullet.

Being ex-military and serving during the first Desert Storm One campaign, I felt that all the sacrifice we did, all the lives that were lost from our military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle-East, and all the pain that our country has been through did at least end up with some meaning behind it. We did the world a favor by getting rid of one of the most evil men our world has ever seen and now maybe the world and our country can get back to normal once again and the world can finally sleep a little easier now.

The question that has been floating around is who is now going to take leadership of Al-Qaida now Bin Laden is out of the picture. The answer is, maybe no one, or possible Bin "Laden`s number two in command. The answer will also depend on how the (bad guys) or terrorists view their long-term goals of how they plan to now operate with Bin Laden out of the picture.

Al Qaida was seriously hurt, like a running back taking a helmet to helmet hit coming through the left side of the offense on a draw play; Al Qaida basically went into almost a tail spin losing Bin Laden. This does normally happen when an organization loses its top brass and has no training to their front-line employees in this case, front-line terrorists who basically don`t know what to do next. This only happens to low-quality organizations like Al Qaida not to professional run organizations with quality people.

The other question looming around is can Bin Laden be replaced? This is probably the same scenario has trying to replace a top executive with the guy that works in the mailroom, it cannot be done. Since Al Qaida operates in a different light than most organizations, they can probably just issue communication around the world to their pockets of terrorist cells and be able to operate without the middle man. What we need to do is eliminate the communication factor which would then disable them.

If Al Qaida does put someone in charge to succeed Bin Laden it will more than likely be Ayman al-Zawahri who was/is Bin Laden right hand man and second in command of Al Qaida. The problem with putting Zawahri in command is he is really not too popular with certain other commanders within the Al Qaida organization and he is a bit of a micromanager. We all know how it is to work for a micromanager, sort of like having an annoying fly buzzing around you; you just want to take your hand a swat it.

The next choice to succeed Bin Laden if Zawahri does not become his successor is another commander that serves under Bin Laden by the name of Abu Yahia al-Libi, a Libyan who serves as al-Qaida`s Afghanistan commander. He was captured in 2005 but escaped from a Bagram Air Froce Base in Afghanistan. He began surfacing in videos lately release by Al Qaida.

There are a ton of other loser candidates that could or may succeed Bin Laden but whoever does succeed him better either wear a bullet proof vest twenty-four seven or find some remote cave in Antarctica because we are coming to get you.

Even though Bin Laden was in the spotlight for the last ten years like any regime that topples Bin Laden became a has been and was out of the media. One statement made by Khalil el-Anani, who is an expert on Islamic jihadi movements summed it up by saying, "Bin Laden became part of the past, just like the Arab regimes that have been toppled," "What a coincidence that the same year Arab authoritarian rulers collapse, bin Laden dies." (

Hopefully now with Bin Laden gone and out of the picture the blow suffered by Al Qaida will be enough to dismantle that organization and stop the war of terror for good. We need to withdraw our troops from the Middle East and move on to peace.

For our military and their families that have lost loved ones and have sacrificed over the past ten years all I can say is Good Job it finally paid off, "We got Him! "


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