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Published:May 13th, 2011 10:36 EST

American Idol: James Durbin Booted, Beautiful Haley Reinhart Survives To Sing Another Day

By Robert Paul Reyes

This season`s edition of "American Idol" is all about encouraging, mentoring and praising the young contestants. Nary a discouraging word is heard from Steven, Jennifer or Randy. Only the producer, Jimmy Lovine, lets the pampered little brats know when they need to bring it up a notch or two.


The last two weeks the judges, especially Randy, have been harsh (in relative terms) on Haley Reinhart. They`ve criticized her first song the last two weeks, and both times she came back to deliver a killer second performance that brought the judges to their feet.

This week Haley let Randy have a piece of her mind after he panned her performance; if looks could kill Randy would be six feet under right now. Many pundits were predicting that Haley would be booted for daring to stand up for herself, but it was rocker James Durbin who was kicked to the curb.

Haley is the most talented American Idol hopeful, and she`s also the most beautiful contestant in the history of the hit show. Haley deserves the crown, and she`s so gracious that she would probably hire Scotty and Lauren as backup singers.

I hope that next week Randy rips her first song, and calls her a prima donna. Haley thrives on anger, and criticism brings out the best in her.

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