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Published:May 16th, 2011 11:30 EST

Say It Ain't So! Entenmann's Donuts Moldy And Smell Funny?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bimbo has had to issue a recall for three different varieties of both Entenmann`s Pop`Ems donuts and its Bimbo Donitas.

According to the FDA recall notice, the recalled donuts may develop an uncharacteristic smell and become moldy.`"


I eat as many donuts as Homer Simpson, and I have the pot belly to prove it. I don`t mind getting my fingers and face covered in powdered sugar, it`s a small price to pay for eating the heavenly food. The manna that fell from heaven in Biblical times was probably Bimbo donuts.

But I prefer eating donuts that aren`t moldy and smell funny. This recall is troubling news for those of us who love donuts.

The donuts in question haven`t passed their expiration date; they should still be tasty and delicious. I don`t want to live in a world where you can`t trust the expiration date in a package of food.

I can put up with high gas prices, and the threat of terrorism, but there`s something rotten in Denmark when you can`t buy a bag of delicious donuts.

Let`s hope that Bimbo solves this problem quickly.

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