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Published:May 17th, 2011 01:53 EST

Body of Proof's Hunky Nicholas Bishop: Autopsies Don't Make Me Queasy

By Paulette Cohn

The first season finale of Body of Proof, starring Dana Delany as Megan Hunt, M.D. and Nicholas Bishop as  top-notch investigator Peter Dunlop, airs tonight, but fans of the medical drama need not worry. The series has already been renewed for another season by ABC.

nicholasbishop_bodyofproof_225_abc_svennevikTo be a part of the Body of Proof action, you can tweet questions or comments to Dana Delany at @DanaDelany from 10 to 11 p.m., when she will be tweeting live. But first read what the Australian Bishop has to say about his first hit U.S series.

There seems to be a theme to your roles. You played a detective on Home & Away, an investigator on Past Lives and now an investigator on Body of Proof. What is it about you that you keep getting cast as a cop?

Nicholas Bishop: I look wonderful in a holster and a gun. I think that is all it comes down to. They see that and they are it is a perfect fit. I always wanted to be a cowboy and this is the closest I am going to get. (joking) That is a good question. I never thought about it. I guess it is an age thing, as well. I am probably the right age and physical type that people could believe would have some kind of authority.

What about trustworthiness that people could see putting their problems in your hands?

Nicholas Bishop: Certainly, you mentioned Home & Away. I was a detective on that show. My function there initially was to come and save the town from this stalker that was going to destroy the place. He was the guy everybody put their trust in. And Past Life was sort of that thing again. He was the trusty sidekick. Certainly, this show, with Dana, I am her trusty sidekick and the guy she can confide in whether she likes it or not.

You and Dana work very closely on this show. Did you have an instant chemistry or did you have to work at it?

Nicholas Bishop: I can only answer for myself. She could say she couldn`t stand me the whole time. But I found very quickly that we had an instant chemistry. It is one of those things where we shot the pilot whenever it was last year. She got cast in this and then I came onboard.  One of the first scenes that we shot together was a really emotional scene for her in the pilot when she is sitting in the car, and it is raining, and she is talking about her family what she gave up. It was one of my favorite scenes that we ever shot. I didn`t have to say much in that scene, it was more about her giving the backstory. I think that requires a lot of trust between actors to just be able to sit there and open up. She is so wonderful. I think that was the moment I realized we were going to have a great time together. There was an instant trust there.

On this show, you have to be around a lot of cut up bodies. I know they are not real, but it is still a little gory. Are you queasy, or could you go to a real autopsy.

Nicholas Bishop: I have been to a real-life autopsy. It was just so crazily fascinating that there is no time to be queasy. It is just such an awesome experience, and I mean awesome in the true sense of the word. Sitting back and watching how the body is put together and watching all these amazing things that are inside of us that make us tick. It was quite incredible. So the short answer is, yes, I was very queasy before I did that. I can`t watch those hospital shows where people are having surgery. I don`t like the feel of that. But strangely enough, I was totally okay with the autopsy because I was so blown away by what was happening in front of me. 4:04 I think as well there is a great deal of respect I have. Not many people get to experience that. That is one of the joys of being an actor. I got to stand there and watch three people " there were three autopsies " the day that Dana and I went to watch it. That is a pretty incredible thing.

We see a lot of Dana`s character`s life, but we haven`t seen your character`s personal life. Is that going to change?

Nicholas Bishop: I believe so. We certainly have to sit down and talk about the journey of each character. Even when we were shooting season one, we talked about we had such a great group of people and we want to know more about them. The show is about Megan Hunt essentially, so that had to be in the forefront of season one. I think there is a lot of room to move to find out more about Peter. I certainly would like to find out more about him.

How are you feeling about the second season pickup?

Nicholas Bishop: I would love to work with all these people again. We had such a great time. I can genuinely say it is one of the best groups of people I have worked with. We all clicked with each other really well. Dana just drives that train. She is so fantastic to work with and really great to watch.

Body of Proof airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC