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Published:May 17th, 2011 16:29 EST

Judyth Piazza chats with Michael Ciccolini, Co-Author and Illustrator of The Pasta Family Book Series

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Author/Illustrator MICHAEL CICCOLINI began his career in Family Entertainment as an actor in Universal`s "BEETHOVEN`S 3rd", where he played a villainous dog-­ " napper. Making the film opened his eyes to the value and simple joys of entertainment aimed at children, but with more than enough humor and references for adults to appreciate as well.

A graduate of The USC School Of Cinema-­ " Television`s Writing Program, he`s co-­ "author of the feature film "Army Of The Dead", his short film "Slappy: The 13th Apostle" was a finalist at the Aspen Comedy Festival, and he spent five years as a writer/performer in comedy legend Fred Willard`s Los Angeles sketch-­ "comedy troupe, The Mohos.

As illustrator of the original PASTA FAMILY Italian-­ "American children`s book, written by his mother Maguerite Ciccolini, he has continued the adventures of the First Family Of Macaroni as author and illustrator of THE PASTA FAMILY 2: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!, THE PASTA FAMILY 3: PLAY BALL!, THE PASTA FAMILY 4: SHOWTIME!, and THE PASTA FAMILY 5: MACARONI IN SPACE!

When not writing or drawing one of the Pasta Family adventures, he`s thinking about the writing and drawing of the next Pasta Family adventure. "The reception from the Italian-­ "American community has been gratifying and humbling," he says. "Best of all, these books are for everyone, no matter what your background is. They may spring from a specific culture, but their messages and themes are universal."