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Published:May 18th, 2011 16:48 EST

Top Ten Opening Lines Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Have Used On Housekeeper

By Robert Paul Reyes

*You`re an immigrant, I`m an immigrant! Let`s express solidarity by screwing.

*I`m going to pump you up!

*I`m sorry I meant to say "how do you do", not I`m going to do you.

*So you are the new maid? Let me show you the Governator`s bedroom.

*It is an Austrian tradition for a homeowner to break in a new maid by sleeping with her.

*Do you want me to show you why they call me "The Terminator"?

*I`m going to cast you in my next movie! Let`s practice the love scene.

*I didn`t mean to spank you, from the back you look just like my wife.

*Both of us speak broken English, let`s commensurate by doing the nasty.

*I`m sorry I didn`t mean to strip naked, I thought you were the masseuse.

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