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Published:May 24th, 2011 09:27 EST

Listen to the Best Words in the Music Business! The Incomparable, Outstanding Songwriting of Angie Woods

By Krista Boyer


I`ve heard you, readers and fans.  I am listening!  And, yes, Angie Woods is one of the most amazing talents to hit the country music world in a very long time. 


It all begins with those words..  Everyone asks us writers where we get all those words from.  How can we sit down and find that these words and phrases come pouring out of us like a torrential rainstorm of ideas?  Is it natural?  Well for some.  Well, okay, for very few.  And Angie Jones is one of those exemplary human beings who`ve seen some pretty tough stuff in her lifetime, yet has the ability to translate those feelings and emotions onto a piece of paper.  "And blow your minds away!


She was taken as a young girl.

He let her live but had a knife,

And the law never caught him.

She won`t let this define her life.

She knows fear, she lived that darkness,

Sometimes nightmares take her back,

To that blackness from her childhood,

An` what was stolen in that attack.


This is the very first verse of a truly heartfelt, incredible song titled, The Power Deep Inside, written by Angie Woods in 2011.  This song harkens back to Angie`s own power - her wealth of strength - that had to have been granted by the Angels, themselves, considering what she survived. 


Angie Woods, as I`ve said before, is a woman who literally rose like a phoenix from the horrific ashes that Fate had given her at the beginning of her life, and became a truly tremendous soul who could complete this incredible song with this verse:


She no longer seeks revenge.

That`s all but slipped away.

She knows if someone tries again,

There WILL be one high price to pay.

She`s a black belt in her mind

and a councilor of young girls.

She`s there to walk beside them

Bringing comfort to their world.


Angie Woods holds inside her own soul words that can uplift, entertain, beautify, and change the course of someone else`s future.  Let me say that again, folks:  Change the course of someone else`s future.  Angie Woods has the power, and the survival instincts inside her - to envelop audiences; encircle them in a blanket of hope and caring that will allow them to see any light at the end of their long, dark tunnels.  With Angie Woods` indelible words, she can literally open someone`s eyes to hope.


The fierceness and the passion that Angie Woods holds dear can be heard in so many of her songs.  Such as, when you need a song of pure and utter love:


Just like a story from a fairy tale book,

Your great big smile and I was hooked.

Your eyes had desire, fire for me;

There was a place we both wanted to be .

Then you sang a song,

About how I belonged---to you.

How I belonged--to you.


With this song, That`s All it Took, a listener feels as if the "Bard,` himself, is relaxing at their table having a cup of coffee, and speaking the words that have just opened up another incredible realm of beauty for everyone to see.


I had stars in my eyes, reflecting the skies,

And the moon up above was whispering love.

An` my world shook.  Yeah, that`s all it took,

When you sang me that song

About how I belonged--to you.


The verses go on, as if the love of your life is simply one step away.  You see?  Nothing with Angie Woods` lyrics is  `a given.`  With each and every verse she writes, she takes listeners on rides of romance, hope, survival, fun, beauty, pain, sadness - you name an emotion and Angie Woods delivers with her songs. 


Even if you come to a point, after listening to Angie Woods` lyrics, where you believe that you have uncovered every part of Angie`s soul - she still surprises you with so much more. 


Two songs that spring to this writer`s mind are two very different tributes to the same woman.  The hardships and rewards of being a single Mom, while trying to also chase and catch your dream, come together when I hear, Mama and Her Baby.  As a single parent, myself, this writer understands the strain at first of not only being responsible for oneself, but for another.  The other being this perfect, amazing soul who you want to give your life to with all your heart.


Just a mama with a baby, home on a Saturday night.

Not a friend to talk to, in her mind it don`t seem right.

Her babies daddy`s clubbin`, and all her friends are, too,

Right now that`s where she wants to be, it`s what she wants to do.


Freedom is what you make it, it`s just a state of mind.

Emotions and feelings you should leave behind.

Cause sometimes they can really make you blind.

Freedom is a state of mind, That can only grow in time


And just as Angie Woods is done telling about that tiny piece of her that longed for freedom, she also speaks the truth of how freedom will NEVER give you anything as amazing as the daughter you bring into the world.  Switching gears from  `Mom,` Angie Woods can then tell audiences about the Guitar Lady, another avenue of Angie`s world that involves an icon and a dream.


Country Lady singing in my headphones,

On the Grass, in a pretty park,

I`m into lyrical creation.

I owe it all to Miss Terri Clark,


Always wanna hear her play and sing.

She lifts my spirits so high;

She`s like love on angels wings.


And then, this woman who is possessed with the strength of Thor, himself, Angie Woods turns around and tells us about the beauty of friendship in, Your Friends:


Friends won`t let you down;

Friends will be around;

When you need them most,

They are your friends.

Friends will be there for you,

No matter what you do;

Or what you`ve gone through,

Friends will always be there for you.

In good times and in bad,

Even when we`re feeling sad,

Your friends will be there for you.

"Cause their friendship is true.

It may take a little time,

And you may feel like your in a bind,

But trust in you friends,

"Cause true friends are there until the end.


Angie Woods covers every aspect of life with her writing.  Her lyrics - her monumental songwriting abilities - are among the most amazing gifts I`ve ever had the honor to hear.


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(**All lyrics mentioned in this article are copyrighted by Angie Woods, 2011)