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Published:May 28th, 2011 12:45 EST

Atheist Son Mockingly Prays For Mom To Win Lottery! She Wins Cool Million

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Gloria Bentivegna of West Babylon won $1 million in the New York Lottery`s Sweet Million game one day after her son had called on God to give his mom the money."


The son, Sal Bentivegna, had mockingly asked his mother to ask Jesus to let her win the lottery. The mother refused, saying that would be sacrilegious. Sal then sarcastically beseeched Jesus to let his mom win.

Surprise, a day later Gloria wins a cool million in the lottery, and Sal who had professed to be an atheist has an epiphany and joins his mother`s church.

There is a strong correlation between high IQ and a lack of religious beliefs. I doubt that Sal was really an atheist, no atheist worth his salt would have been convinced that God is real over a coincidence.

You can`t rule out that Sal pretended to convert, because he wants his mother to share her loot with him.

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