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Published:May 29th, 2011 12:40 EST

Vietnam Bans Cops From Wearing Dark Shades

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Communist Vietnam has banned police from wearing black sunglasses, chatting, smoking and putting their hands in their pockets while they are on duty in public places, a media report said."



I agree with the policy banning black sunglasses, when a cop is wearing mirrored sunglasses it makes him appear evil and robotic. I want to see the eyes of a police officer when he is explaining why he is issuing me a ticket.

But what`s wrong with chatting? If I see a cop chatting with his partner, it makes him appear friendly and approachable. The average person would be more likely to report a crime he witnessed to a talkative cop than to a silent one.

What`s up with not allowing cops to put their hands in their pockets? Is the brass afraid they might play pocket pool?

Cops deal with a lot of stress, and they should be allowed to smoke like a chimney. I would hate to be pulled over by a cop who`s dying for a cigarette.

Communist Vietnam needs to chill out!

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