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Published:May 30th, 2011 14:08 EST
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THANK YOU SOP Readers for Your Insightful Feedback on the Casey Anthony Trial!

By John G. Kays

I want to thank everyone who sent emails with feedback for my article, Problems with HLN`s Coverage of the Casey Anthony Case (I meant Trial, actually). Enthusiasm for objective information regarding Casey Anthony, and her expansive web of subterfuge, is reaching subliminal levels. I believe I know why this is true. It`s because all the input we`ve soaked in from the media so far, and its multiple tentacles (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc...), is nothing but gossip, innuendo, rumor and distortion.

anthony backyard

Now we have the opportunity to hear directly from the real people (from the horse`s mouth), who played an integral role in the life of Casey Anthony, during all the bustle, scuffle and thunderclap (how about sex, lies and videotapes) in the summer of 2008. That is, we`ll need to put all this garbage aside for now so that we can begin to ascertain what really happened (you know, the truth). The need to view pristine footage of the trial has never been any greater.

casey weepy

All those photos of the Anthony`s backyard, displayed by the prosecution during Saturday`s trial proceedings, really opened up my eyes, and made me more aware of what might have happened during those tumultuous, dysfunctional days within the Anthony household. The one photo I`m including for you is of the sheds where George stored the lawn equipment, and I believe, the controversial gas cans (with duct tape) some of you have posted about.

D. Mand and Kellie Norris, in their emails, raised concerns about George taking gas cans to the tow yard. My best theory for this behavior is that Casey had run out of gas about a week after she had split from the household, and had gone back by the house (with Tony Lazzaro) and stolen the gas cans. Casey did return them, but I suspect George thought that the Firebird was out of gas when he went to pick it up.

Little did he know the situation was even more dire! Shelly, you are right, George didn`t report the smell of death that stuck to the car like a gypsy curse or the worse nightmare George could ever imagine coming true. One can only contemplate the horrors George experienced ( the odor of death permeates his every pore) as he drove the Firebird home. He was a trained detective and fully knew what was going down. Someone had died, either Casey or Caylee, or possibly both!

My theory for not reporting it immediately, is one, George was in severe shock, severe denial. He knew it was true, but couldn`t sort through the disaster or process it in any way, since it was so close to home. It was home! Two, I`d say, since he was a trained detective, he probably wanted to get to the bottom of it before he called the cops and all hell breaks loose. Little could he fathom just how big of a hole in hell would open up! (Awkward, so you can insert your own power phrase here.)

M. Kennerly, that`s an interesting thought, an implication that Casey had stolen some money that was intended for Cindy`s father`s nursing home care. I`m in bad need of a motive for why things got so chronically crazy around Father`s Day of 2008. Nothing that Cindy said on Saturday really suggested what Casey`s rage or anger was all about? Or why it chose to rear its ugly head right at that point in time?

That`s why we`ll need to cool our heels and put aside some of the baggage of rumors we`ve been exposed to. Thanks also to Dr. Maurice Godwin for your email and thanks to Diane Kohler for your story about your daughter. The light bulb is coming on, Kim Rila, WFTV Florida is providing actual objective coverage of the trial. And I mustn`t forget to thank Judyth Piazza, the founder of The Student Operated Press, a media format that`s not afraid to tell the whole truth, and nothing but! Keep on truckin` and also reading theSOP!

P.S. Hope I didn`t leave anyone out! Holler at me, if I did, but not that loud (as George at reporters!)