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Published:June 2nd, 2011 11:44 EST

Ken Kesey, Sarah Palin's Bus Tour, Mitt Romney'sTrash-Talking, Pillsbury Doughboy, And LSD

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mitt Romney, the multi-millionaire former governor of Massachusetts, will kick off his second bid for the White House on Thursday with a hard-hitting economic message charging that `Barack Obama has failed America.`"



Mitt Romney will formally announce he`s entering the Republican presidential race in New Hampshire today. "Coincidentally", Sarah Palin`s bus tour will make a stop in the Granite State today, and my bet is that there will be more reporters gathered around the reality star and her Merry Pranksters than at Romney`s big speech.

There is a surreal quality to Palin`s bus tour, all that`s missing are the drugs and incense reminiscent of Ken Kesey`s famous 1964 bus tour of America. The only difference is that Kesey was turning people on (to drugs), while the former beauty queen is turning people off with her desperate need for attention.

To compete with clowns like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, Romney has recently ramped up his rhetoric. In a recent interview the former governor of Massachusetts declared that Obama was the worst president in history. Romney looked sheepish making such a blatantly false statement, and he came across as insincere and desperate. A trash talking Mitt Romney is as surreal as a death match between the Pillsbury Doughboy and Mike Tyson.

Palin has gonads as big as bowling balls, but if it weren`t for the fact that Romney has a gazillion children, people would think he`s a eunuch. Romney should announce that the bulging crotch pic that appearing on Anthony Weiner`s Twitter page is really him, it just might help his campaign.

I`m down with Kesey when it comes to pot, but I`ve never been a big fan of LSD. But to make sense of the Republican presidential circus, I need to take a hit or two of acid.

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