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Published:June 3rd, 2011 19:39 EST
2011 The Year of The Killer Tornados: Is it Global Warming or Something Else?

2011 The Year of The Killer Tornados: Is it Global Warming or Something Else?

By Ron G Anselm

The tornado saga continues. First here in Alabama, our state was rocked by a slew of tornadoes on the 28th of April that made that day in Alabama history one of grim remembrance. I lived through those tornadoes and I even had to hit my closet a few times that day as I watched the sky turn completely black and the wind pick-up and blow so hard you could see tree and tree fall as if each tree was a domino in a chain of dominoes falling one by one.

Then, the Mid-West and especially Joplin, Missouri was rocked by devastating tornadoes that leveled town after town and sent many people to homeless shelters after losing their homes and everything they had.

Now, a tornado in Springfield, Massachusetts? At rush Hour? This is certainly not a normal weather pattern that is supposed to happen. Springfield has only had two tornadoes in their history and now with the one tornado that happened yesterday they are right at the line to tying a new record for the most tornadoes.

As of today, the count was around three dead and two-hundred injured. Yesterday`s tornado`s death was the first in sixteen years in Massachusetts. The tornado left neighborhoods where houses once stood looking like a demolished ghost town. Reverent Marrone who is Pastor of one of the oldest churches that ended up demolished after 137 years in the neighborhood said, "I can see the plywood of roofs, and see houses where most of the house is gone, "The road that runs up in front of my house. ... There`s so many trees down, it`s completely impassable." (

Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts told the CBS Early Show that there was very little warning of the tornadoes. He stated that it`s "remarkable" the death toll wasn`t higher. ( He stated they had around ten minutes warning before the first tornado hit. That is very remarkable that there was not more people hurt with as little warning has they had, there had to have been a higher power from above that protected as many people as possible.

The tornado made a ballroom entrance as it churned over the Connecticut River spinning like a blender on high motion and spun debris in the air as it made its way to the middle of Springfield at rush hour. Many people in that area probably have never seen or been in a tornado, so they were caught off guard.

This tornado that surprised Massachusetts was an F2 tornado and was the strongest in forty-five years in the state. Patrick also stated as he toured the wreckage from town to town that, "You have to see it to believe it," he said after a tour of Monson, a town of fewer than 10,000 residents near the Connecticut border. "Houses have been lifted up off their foundations and in some cases totally destroyed or moved several feet." (

The tornado that ripped through the middle of Springfield terrified photographers as they were gathers at the Mass Mutual Center which is used to hold many events including that night the high school prom that was going on while the tornado was clearing paths outside.

One of the photographers stated, "It looked like birds were flying out of the trees and it was rubble," ( The prom went on as schedule despite the tornado.

The tornado swirled around Main Street as it tore off roof tops and toppled trees in its wake. One local resident had this to say, "Everything started shaking. The whole building was shaking," said Shonda Lopez, who was at home when the tornado struck before dinner time. (

The governor declared a state of emergency and called up around 1,000 National Guard troops which brought up haunting memories and scenes of tornadoes that struck Alabama and Missouri. Massachusetts is not accustomed to getting tornadoes as we all know the states last tornado was in 1995 which struck New Barrington, Mass. Three people ended up getting killed in that twister. The last deadly tornado before that was in 1953 which killed 94 people in the Worcester, Mass area.

So, is this latest weather fiasco the product of Global Warming or something else? With Tsunami and earthquakes hitting the orient, tornadoes appearing in places that never get too many of them who knows what`s next when it comes to Mother Nature.


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