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Published:June 3rd, 2011 19:29 EST Joins the #bikeschool Yearbook! Joins the #bikeschool Yearbook!

By Tom Ski

The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart. ~Iris Murdoch, The Red and the Green

I say, `Amen` to those words. Every time I pull out into traffic and see the cell phone attached to the oncoming driver`s ear as they race through the stoplight, I wish with all my heart that people would go back to the ease and peace of the bicycle.

More and more people across the globe should travel to This amazing website, which we`ve previewed in a few articles thus far, is a literal "shrine` to the world of bicycling. This writer becomes immersed in the blogs that are available on From the information that`s given to the intuitive; to the tranquil articles that offer thoughts and experiences from true cyclists who enjoy the freedom of the road; to stories about family and friendship that cycling has brought to the forefront of people`s lives - every single word on seems to inspire and entertain. Not only that, but the tips on nutrition and exercise are ALWAYS much needed in this fast-food world.

This week I want to share with our readers one of the most fantastic sites on Twitter that everyone should `flock` to as fast as possible. I speak about #bikeschool, where millions of cyclists and enthusiasts across the globe go on Thursday nights at 9 P.M. EST. These live chats encompass all cyclists; people with the passion and drive for cycling who offer entertaining stories that must be told. The `air` is light and fun, and pure entertainment is found by everyone who attends. offers hilarious information about #bikeschool. In fact, they speak about it as a classroom - the world of high school, in a way, that none of us can forget. (But, in a good way. There are no tests and essays due thankfully, only pure fun). #bikeschool Twitter chats taking place every Thursday offer a variety of enthusiasts and dedicated cyclists from around the globe that fall into various categories, such as: the lovable pranksters, who like to inspire and `egg` on the fun; the teacher`s pets, who know everything there is to know about cycling and, frankly, could go on Jeopardy and clean up if cycling were the main category; and, of course, there are those men and women who you want to leave work and take a bicycle ride with who love (and live) in the world of spandex. On #bikeschool chats, these fun ones are referred to as the #cyclenerds - and they have many stories to tell.

For a little background for our readers, #bikeschool was first started in 2010 by @bikerly, @eggman and @lovingthebike. There was such a huge call out there in the world for a place where all people in the biking community could get together and be part of a group of their peers, that was made, and as an offspring, #bikeschool came into being. Everything from interviews, stories, and information from`s life on Twitter and beyond is brought to the community each week by @steviedexter. And the incredible posts can be found at`s site. I love this part, guys and gals there is a slight warning that the #bikeschool chats are a little unconventional at times, so be ready to run across things like the @tacomakingrobot, Bike Thongs, and other hysterical items that can be found there. And, if you`re new and wish to catch up with all things offers, they also provide an archived list of chats and posts from #bikeschool at, as I`ve shouted from the rooftops before, is all about the true love, enjoyment, and healthy promotion of all the cycling world has to offer. And plays a huge role in the cycling advocacy community, working their `spandex` off in order to promote some truly great bloggers who own the passion and drive of the cycling community in their very souls.

A must-read for fans is the fact that a short time ago, suggested the fantastic idea of creating a yearbook - another touch of high-school history. #bikeschool asked readers and fans to send in a video of their personal biking biography - which is an excellent way to know and SEE those cyclists that lay behind the Tweets - a lot like unmasking Darth Vader. Now, this is not a MUST for the #bikeschool community; at #bikeschool, the roll call has simply begun and The Professors (A.K.A. Rascals) have put up their very own biographies on the new EVOLution Page, so that all #bikeschool Tweeters can check out the cycling `Yoda`s.`

Now, to participate in this #bikeschool yearbook, all `students` of the #bikeschool classroom can send along personal biographies - with as little or as much information, of course, as they wish - and a photo. As we all know, in the world of Twitter, all members are given exactly 140 characters to announce, describe, or express themselves, but #bikeschool says have more! You can view Steve "s information, who is the official correspondent for located in the United Kingdom, and readers are automatically provided with global information about the cycling world in all its glory. On the site, a great list of #bikeschool students have entered their names and pictures into #bikeschool history, for the creation of the first edition of the #bikeschool Yearbook. It`s a fun way to enjoy the community!

This yearbook will be a `living document,` so if you haven`t sent in you bio yet, it can still be added. All bio`s should be sent with a picture to and they can be uploaded for the world to see! There is also a special, limited edition bike video of Steve`s that`s available for all to view.

As H.G. Wells once said: When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. Nor, do I. Readers, this is one community that is, at once, educational, invigorating, fun, and a reminder that life on the `bike` is most definitely the way to live!

ATTENTION! REMINDER!`s `Crank List` will be open THIS SUNDAY, May 16th. With the unbelievable response for the Crank Honors in 2010, has put even more effort into the release of 2011`s Crank Honors. Beginning THIS SUNDAY, the Crank Honor voting will `go live` and be open for anyone and everyone to come over and place their votes. At, from May 16th to June 1st, readers, bloggers, and fans will be able to begin voting (once per day/per category) for the best of the best when it comes to cycling blogs. The Crank Honors offer various categories of cycling where readers can cast their ballot, including: Commuter, Lifestyle, Mountain, Road, Travel, and Women`s. Head over and cast your vote!!

For more information go to:!/lovingthebike