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Published:June 4th, 2011 11:53 EST

Outrage: Pot-Dealing Subway Restaurant Employee Arrested

By Robert Paul Reyes

Authorities in Florida said they arrested a Subway restaurant worker who was allegedly selling marijuana to customers who requested "extra meat.`

The St. Lucie County Sheriff`s Office said Elizabeth Hunt, 47, would slip two grams of marijuana into the bags of customers who requested "extra meat` and placed $10 into the tip jar at the Fort Pierce location, reported Friday.



Elizabeth Hunt possesses the entrepreneurial spirit that has made America the greatest nation on Earth. This heart-working individual isn`t content to make minimum wage preparing sandwiches, she takes the initiative to make a little bit more on the side.

I fault her only for not inventing a more descriptive code, individuals buying weed should have been instructed to ask for munchies on the side. "

I bet the Subway restaurant sold a hell of a lot more potato chips since Hunt starting welling pot. If I owned the Subway franchise, I would have made her the employee of the month.

America`s best days are nothing behind her, not as lot as there are industrious and hard-working souls like Elizabeth Hunt.

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