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Published:June 7th, 2011 15:46 EST

Outrage! France Bans Mention Of Twitter And Facebook In The Media

By Robert Paul Reyes

"No more `Suivez-moi sur Twitter` or `Moi un ami sur Facebook.` Unless the news is literally Twitter or Facebook, neither will be mentioned on French programming. In accordance with a new ban, journalists in France are no longer allowed to end their programs with a reference to their personal social networking sites.


Since both social media sites are privately owned France refuses to unfairly endorse either site on national TV or radio. Journalists and celebrities can no longer promote themselves in France through their social networking site. In accordance with a 1992 law, the French government has decided that mentioning the websites on air is unfair promotion for the billion dollar organizations"

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A French TV news anchor can report that Anthony Weiner`s Twitter weiner pic landed him in hot water, but he can`t ask his viewers to follow him on Twitter.

Ostensibly the reason for this ludicrous ban is that mentioning Twitter is unfair to the other microblogging services. This is patently absurd, the only micro-blogging site of note is Twitter. And the only social networking site that matters is Facebook. I would be ashamed to confess that I still have a MySpace account, but I let everyone know that I have a Facebook page.

The real reason for the ban is that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is an anal-retentive type who seeks to control the Internet.

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