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Published:June 9th, 2011 11:53 EST
Progressive Winds Prevail in Chicago

Progressive Winds Prevail in Chicago

By Michael Weidenhamer

Progressive winds prevail in Chicago. Illinois has passed a civil unions law, allowing homosexual and heterosexual couples to have civil unions without getting married. The law is in effect now.

Some people feel this law should not exist. David E. Smith, executive director of Illinois Family Institute, has called the law anti-family. "...relationships based on same-sex attraction and volitional homosexual acts do not per se serve the public good. Lawmakers should be looking at ways to strengthen the natural family, not undermine it," Smith said in a statement.

This viewpoint has not stopped people from applying for licenses. Officials estimate that about 2,000 of them will be issued the first day.

This law affects the clergy in a positive way as well. Openly gay pastors can now enter civil unions and officiate civil unions between same-sex partners. "Now with the possibility of civil recognition of lifelong unions, the blessing of unions from a Christian perspective will have a different character, where before it has been purely a pastoral matter," said Chicago Episcopal Bishop Jeffrey Lee.

This act might help other states when they`re trying to decide if they should allow these kinds of unions. Hopefully there are few people who share Smith`s opinion on them.