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Published:June 9th, 2011 10:33 EST

Tour Promoters Ban Amy Winehouse From Drinking! Good Luck With That!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hotel bosses have reportedly been ordered to empty their mini-bars ahead of Amy Winehouse`s European tour.

The singer recently completed a six-day rehab stint at The Priory ahead of her dates on the continent, and according to the Daily Star, tour organisers have banned alcohol from her room and ordered hotel staff not to allow her to have drinks delivered through room service."


The promoters of Amy`s European tour are biting their nails, they`re afraid the tour is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. They have plenty of reason to worry, only a few days after checking out of rehab the crazy chanteuse was photographed drunk as a skunk in a British pub.

Removing the mini-bar from the pop diva`s hotel room is an exercise in futility, trying to stop Amy from having a drink is as useless as trying to stop Oprah Winfrey from going to the buffet table for the third time. Amy would drink the contents of a mini-bar in a few minutes, and then she would head to the pubs for some serious drinking.

The pop tart is in no shape to undergo the rigors of a tour, she should be in rehab. Shame on the tour organizers for thinking only about the money, they could care less about Amy.

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