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Published:June 11th, 2011 09:58 EST
Lessons from Weinergate

Lessons from Weinergate

By SOP newswire2

From revolutions to the ridiculous, Twitter amplifies it all! The Modern-day megaphone of mayhem has struck again. In a Monday afternoon press conference followed by a Q&A session that teetered on career suicide, Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to tweeting out pictures of his well `weiner`. Who better to comment than Fox Business Columnist, Live Contributor and avid social media user Michael `Dr. Woody` Woodward, PhD. Dr. Woody has some amusing tips on how to avoid getting caught with your pants down in this digital age of viral media, especially when you have a name like `Weiner` or `Woody` for that matter.

Keep Your Privates Private: When you share your privates on-line, they become public. They may get the blur out on TV, but not so much on-line! Remember, there is no such thing as privacy when it comes to the web! Once you share something it`s shared! Shared means public, even when it`s your privates! And, when it comes from a social media outlet, it`s undeniably yours! Like it or not, your social media outlet is your mouthpiece!

Stay Away from College Girls: So, a random college girl connects with a prominent congressman, receives sex laden messages, and a picture of his package naturally, she would never share this with anyone, especially not with her thousands of on-line friends who are simply one click away  makes sense... or NOT! When it comes to social media, sharing has never been easier. If it`s amusing, cute or scandalous, it will go viral!

Caught is Caught: A word of advice to politicians, when you are caught, just admit it! When there is blood in the water, the shark won`t stop until you are dead! The sooner you come clean, the less pain for everyone. Nothing emboldens the media more than someone who is adamant about their innocence! When playing poker with a professional gambler, bluffing on a high stakes hand is probably not a smart idea!

Here are Dr. Woody`s  recent Fox Business article and appearance on Live w/ Jamie Colby on the Weiner scandal:


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