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Published:June 11th, 2011 13:26 EST

Outrage: Bus Company Discriminates Against Atheists

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A coalition of atheists is accusing Little Rock`s city bus line of violating their rights to free speech in a fight to place ads on public buses praising a God-free lifestyle.

The Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason alleged in a lawsuit that the Central Arkansas Transit Authority and its advertising agency are discriminating against the group because they`re being required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to put $5,000 worth of ads on 18 buses.


The ads would read: `Are you good without God? Millions are.`"


This is clearly a case of discrimination against an atheist organization, other groups, including Christian ministries haven`t been required to pay the fee.

The bus company is demanding the fee for insurance, in case somebody takes exception to the ad and vandalizes the bus. The message on the ads is fairly innocuous, and I don`t think it will inspire acts of vandalism by angry Christians or anybody else.

The ad isn`t inflammatory or provocative, it`s simply sating the fact that millions of people are doing just fine without believing in God. There are also millions of believers who are doing just fine. Live and let live. Can we all just get along?

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