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Published:June 11th, 2011 12:30 EST

Sarah Palin Email Dump! Press Won't Uncover Anthony Weiner Style Perversion

By Robert Paul Reyes

Alaska has released 24, 000 pages of former governor Sarah Palin`s email. The treasure trove was released by the state government in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Lovers of the King`s English are wincing at this frontal assault on the English language, critics of Palin are salivating at the prospect of finding juicy tidbits they can use against her, and conservatives are screaming bloody murder.

So far reporters haven`t hit pay dirt, they`ve uncovered a couple of references to Troopergate and a mention of a tanning bed, but nothing that merits a headline.

Sarah Palin isn`t a pervert like Anthony Weiner, and reporters won`t find any naked images of the former beauty queen. I doubt anything they find will be of any consequence.

I would go bonkers reading Sarah Palin`s correspondence, she writes like she talks (`nuff said.)

Do conservatives have a point that the media is picking on Palin? Maybe, but it`s just so much fun making fun of the reality star.

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