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Published:June 12th, 2011 20:06 EST
Great Job Analyzing the Casey Anthony Trial

Great Job Analyzing the Casey Anthony Trial

By SOP newswire2

You are the best journalist John G. Kays out there analyzing the trial of Casey Anthony. You have so far offered the best objective point of view where I can get a clear taste where the defense is going.

I suspect Jose Baez will to it, I would certainly if I was the defense, exploit the obvious bias of the prosecution and Sheriff`s office for promotion and publicity. I have seen in some cases where the defense was able to use that argument and win. In this case, the argument is obvious; the prosecution has been harassing the defense counsel the entire pre trial of even bringing a defense in this case. This can be proven by the number of objections the prosecution made to Antony`s right for proper representation including making disciplinary complaints against Baez.

My personal suspicion in this case was from the beginning that Casey is a victim from an organized mafia to whom she owed money and was trapped into a complete mass because she had no money to pay them back. Well, I am now seeing this in light that her parents were doing whatever they can to incriminate Casey for the reasons to protect themselves or they have somewhat their share in the crime. (That is just my opinion, like it or hate it)

As far as the trial goes, the prosecution has hat to prove any evidence that Casey abused Caylee while she was alive, and there has yet to be presented any testimony proving so. Can you elaborate on that in a coming article based on your findings from watching the trial? I think the defense will use that and all the pictures to prove that Casey was a good mom like every average 22-year old mom.


Y. Weisshaus


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